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A leading-edge, award-winning text and HTML editor. Handle huge files with ease, convert text
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7 August 2009

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A leading-edge, award-winning text and HTML editor. Handle huge files with ease, convert text to HTML, build document templates and take charge of your code. Fully extensible, with a powerful scripting language to meet the needs of the serious user.

Features: NoteTab Pro is a leading-edge text editor and HTML coding tool. It is positioned as a Note Pad replacement. You would be able to handle large files and multiples of them too. The interface is a tabbed one and easy to use. Using a spell checker and a thesaurus or to format text is easily done. Multiple undo is available to get back to a known good position. Book mark the document to easily reach the section you want. System wide searches and multi-line replacements are featured The note software lets you build templates too. You can clip and organize clips in clip books. These clips can range from macros or even a mini application. A simple scripting language is provided that lets you create these macros and mini applications easily. Several clip libraries are available within the application.HTML clips, tag stripping and tools that add links and color codes are some features very useful for web site builders. Text to HTML helps creating pages very easy. It is very portable and can be taken anywhere with a USB drive.UTF 8 and Unicode support is included. A regular expression engine powers the search and replace features. Stats related to number of characters and words as well as frequency of words are indicated. Clipboard integration lets you include text documents from outside. Clip books library has HTML, CSS and XHTML clips included. Line count and print features are also available.

Overall: Nice and feature rich note pad editor.

Publisher's description

NoteTab Pro is a leading-edge text editor and HTML coding tool, and an ideal Notepad replacement. Winner of top shareware industry awards since 1998, this elegant application does it all: you can handle multiple large files with a simple tabbed interface, use a spell-checker and thesaurus, format text, use multiple undo, and bookmark documents. You can build templates, use powerful system-wide searches, and do global multi-line replacements.
Its Clipbook feature lets you create and organize clips, which can range from text macros to complete mini-applications, using a simple scripting language with enough features to satisfy any power user; a bunch of handy clip libraries is included.
Web authors will love the HTML clip library, just one of a load of features that make NoteTab a great code-based HTML editor. Other gems include text-to-HTML conversion, tag stripping, and tools for adding links and color codes.
There's a lot more to NoteTab Pro -- and it's great value at US$29.95.
NoteTab Pro
NoteTab Pro
Version 6.12
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